Saturday, April 25, 2009

Privacy Settings

Myspace offers several different privacy settings to control the level of information you share on your account.

To get to the Privacy Settings from your Dashboard click on "account settings"

From this page click on "privacy settings"

From here you can change a number of settings

  1. Who can view my profile
    1. Friends only
    2. Public - everyone
    3. only users over 18
  2. Privacy settings
    1. Friends requests - require users sending you a friend request to know your last name or email address
    2. Comments - approve all before they who in public view
    3. Hide online now - do not allow other users to know when you're online
    4. Show Birthday to friends
    5. Photos - no forwarding - do not allow users to forward your photos
    6. Blog comments - friends only - only users who are your friends are allowed to comment on blog posts
      1. Blog posts also have a setting that allow only friends to be able to read them
    7. Friend requests - no bands
    8. Block users under 18 from contacting me
  3. Group invite privacy settings
  4. Event invite privacy settings

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