Thursday, April 30, 2009

Profile overview

This the public view of your profile, it is what your friends and anyone else see when they look at your page.

Information displayed on page by layout (please note some background coding will change where this information displays on the page but this layout is the most common)

Upper left:
  • View any pictures or videos you've uploaded
  • Send message
  • Add to friends
    • When you add someone to your friends they have to accept the request
  • Instant message
  • And more
Upper Right
  • Blog posts
  • About me
  • Who I'd like to meet
Middle left:
  • General interests
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Heroes
Middle Right:
  • Friends
Lower Left:
  • Details - sign, hometown, relationship status, education, sexual orientation, reason on myspace,
Lower Right:
  • Comments

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dashboard Overview

This is the page you see when you sign in to your myspace account.

From here you can:
  • view/post bulletins
  • view friends
  • edit name
  • edit privacy setting
  • add pictures of yourself
  • edit background
  • add book jackets/movie cover etc
  • add/edit background

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What are bulletins? When you want to send the same message to all of your myspace friends you use a bulletin. It automatically goes to everyone on your friends list. Bulletins expire after 10 days.

You'll also receive bulletins from your friends.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Viewing Friends

You can see you friends two ways from your Dashboard

Or from your Public view.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Editing Your Name

You can edit both your real name and your display name on Myspace.

Using your real first and last name allows friends and associates to locate your myspace account and add you as a friend.

Your display name is just a nickname. You can pick anything you like to display people will still be able to find you using your real first and last names.

If you are concerned about privacy,
  • First and Last does not show up anywhere that the public can see it.
  • You can put false information in the First and Last name sections.
To edit your name
1. Click "edit profile" from your dashboard.

2. Click on the "name" tab at the top.

3. Enter your information and save changes

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Privacy Settings

Myspace offers several different privacy settings to control the level of information you share on your account.

To get to the Privacy Settings from your Dashboard click on "account settings"

From this page click on "privacy settings"

From here you can change a number of settings

  1. Who can view my profile
    1. Friends only
    2. Public - everyone
    3. only users over 18
  2. Privacy settings
    1. Friends requests - require users sending you a friend request to know your last name or email address
    2. Comments - approve all before they who in public view
    3. Hide online now - do not allow other users to know when you're online
    4. Show Birthday to friends
    5. Photos - no forwarding - do not allow users to forward your photos
    6. Blog comments - friends only - only users who are your friends are allowed to comment on blog posts
      1. Blog posts also have a setting that allow only friends to be able to read them
    7. Friend requests - no bands
    8. Block users under 18 from contacting me
  3. Group invite privacy settings
  4. Event invite privacy settings

Friday, April 24, 2009

Adding pictures of You

You can upload pictures to Myspace.
  • Photos may not contain nudity, violent or offensive material, or copyrighted images. If you violate these terms your account will be deleted.
  • Photos must be less than 5MB and in either GIF or JPG format.
  • Everyone can see your default photo
From your Dashboard click on "add/edit photos"

From here you can upload photos and create albums

  • Your default photo shows up as your avatar and everyone can see it even if your account is set to private. It will show up on your friends page and in an abbreviated version of your pages.
  • To view other users photo click on the link below their picture.